Friday , 27 May 2016

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3 Tips to Pull Off Flip Flops

By: Dimitry B.

On some days, while lazing out on the beach or heading out for lazy stroll, flip flops are definitely the first choice of footwear that you would opt for. Now flip flops are never considered to be the most stylish part of your outfit, but they are definitely extremely comfy, especially during summer. So how do you avoid being unstylish while ensuring your comfort? The answer is simple: make your flip flops stylish! If this sounds impossible, here are three tips that will ensure just that. #1) Wear Your Flip Flops to the Right Places There are only certain occasions ... Read More »

Know Your Cuffs

By: pop culture geek

Though the cuff is just a small part of your sleeve, you shouldn’t overlook it while dressing up. After all, it’s the attention to details that can make or break your style. So in order to choose and wear the perfect cufflinks, read on to learn about the different types of cuffs in menswear. The Button Cuff – Featured in most store-bought shirts, a button cuff is one where buttons are on one side and buttonholes are on the other. The Link Cuff – This type of cuff is perfect for cufflinks since it has buttonholes on both sides. The ... Read More »

Can Older Men Wear Colorful Sneakers?

By: woodleywonderworks

One of the joys in life is wearing fun sneakers that have unique colors and designs.  With Adidas manufacturing trainers designed by Jeremy Scott such as the Originals Eagle Wing shoes, it’s easy to see why people of all ages would want to get a pair.  They are fun, beautifully designed, and also look like they’d be incredibly comfortable to wear.  But are they appropriate for men over 30? There is quite a lot of debate about this subject and it isn’t as cut and dry an issue as wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts after 30 (don’t wear Ed Hardy after ... Read More »

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